[nos-bbs] agwpe/flexnet interfaces, . . . . , and so on ..

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Mon Dec 26 10:51:02 EST 2011

Seasons Greetins Yall .!.!.

Maiko said (earlier in Dec):
> Actually, there is a way to share the TNC, might not be ideal,
> but it does work, may create a bit more traffic on RF then one
> may desire, depends how it's used. For example :
>    At one time I had a KISS serial link from my JNOS to my Windows
>    machine which was running an RMS Packet Gateway. The TNC was on
>    the JNOS side. All I had to do to *share* the TNC was this :
> #
> # 10Jul2010, Maiko, Setup RXECHO both ways for RMS Packet Node, so I
> # now SHARE the TNC between JNOS 2.0 and RMS Packet Gateway - nice !
> #
> ifconfig vhf rxecho rms
> ifconfig rms rxecho vhf
> #

Instead of re-compiling 20h with #define RXECHO, I just upgraded to 20i .!.
## Attach kiss enabled TNC
attach asy ttyUSB0 - ax25 vhf 4096 256 9600
ifconfig vhf description "1200 baud AX25 radio port 145.010"
param vhf TxDelay 30
param vhf 2 64
param vhf 3 10
param vhf 5 1
## Attach kiss port for RMS-GW
attach asy ttyS0 - ax25 rms 4096 256 9600
ifconfig rms description "9600 baud KISS serial link"
## tie serial ports together (share the TNC)
ifconfig vhf rxecho rms
ifconfig rms rxecho vhf

This almost works here, I see vhf port traffic arriving into AGWPE
on the windows box that has the RMS-GW. However there is nothing coming
in on the rms port. Trace shows nothing, asystat shows no interrupts...
That AGW is setup for KISS, and works both ways fine with a TNC,
and receives and responds to the RXECHOd KISS frames from the vhf port.

I'm suspecting RS232-type handshake issues on output from AGW,
and have tried PARAM RMS UP. No joy. I'm about to dig into the cable pinout
with the ol'breakout-box... Ugggh. I don't find/recognize anything in AGWPE
that might be adjustable, other than TNC type - but it is KISS ..!..

Anything in particular come to mind here ? Something else to check for ?
Meaningful suggestions welcome . . . . .
 (before I get hours deep into the 9-25 pin null-modem cable hell).

  Thanks  /;^)
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