[nos-bbs] agwpe/flexnet interfaces, JNOS for Windows, and so on ..

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I run JNOS on Linux and AGWPE on a Windows computer. I have WINMOR on a 
third computer. Is there documentation on what needs to be compiled in JNOS 
and how to connect the systems?

Jerry, N0MR
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> Hi Bill,
>> it would be useful to have client and server support for
>> the AGWPE TCP interface in JNOS ....
> Question : How many people would run AGWPE on one PC and JNOS on an
>            other PC (in linux) ? Unless that other PC was running in
>            a virtual box environment (even more unlikely).
>  I have run a rudamentary WINMOR interface that allows JNOS on a linux
>  box to interface via IP to a WINMOR modem on a windows PC. I have never
>  received any feedback from anyone about even trying it or using it. So
>  one may conclude I would run into a similar situation with AGWPE.
>> We can use it now with BPQ32 as a shim on the windows machine
> Question: Can you explain how JNOS talks with BPQ32 at this time ?
>> like WINMOR, is another situation where the modem is available
>> only on Windows...
> And I have written an API for JNOS (linux) to talk to WINMOR. Like
> I said earlier, I've gotten no feedback or indications that people
> are using it or trying to use it.
> The big *problem* I guess is that JNOS for windows is not available
> like it is for DOS and Linux, and Mac some time ago.
> I have written a WIN32 version of JNOS (very stripped down with no
> device drivers and hardly any *services*) that actually works. I really
> would like to port JNOS to native windows in it's entirety (I have wanted
> to do this for some time, using the FlexNet and AGWPE api libraries, which
> if you think about it would save me the trouble of having to write ANY
> device drivers, since no doubt the 3rd party packages probably could do
> a much better job then I could ever do in the time I have). Curses is
> not mandatory for JNOS to work, technically a windows version of JNOS
> could very well have just a browser interface for any consoles.
> So what does one do ? You really think people would want a native windows
> version of JNOS ? What would it offer to the windows user that they don't 
> have already ?
> I would do it just for the sake of it being a worthwhile *coding* 
> challenge,
> which was the original motivation for my prototype a few years ago. I like
> very much the idea of using APIs like FlexNet (which I used when I did my
> KLMproxy project quite a few years ago). I so like the idea of not having
> to worry about writing TNC and other drivers when these APIs do it for me,
> and they do such a great job.
> I'll take it further. It would be a dream come true almost to have the 
> flexnet guys tell me they want someone to maintain the API, and that would
> give me alot more flexibility in bringing out a version of JNOS for 
> windows. But I digress ..
> Regards,
> Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM
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