[nos-bbs] agwpe/flexnet interfaces, JNOS for Windows, and so on ..

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Thu Dec 8 10:44:34 EST 2011

Hi Alan,

> I had understood Winmore as an HF modem, maybe I'm wrong.

You are correct, the JNOS tcp/ip interface is PACTOR based, I should
have thought about that before mentioning it. Sorry for any confusion.
I think I was more trying to just bring up the idea that I had a TCP/IP
interface to a Windows modem of sorts.

> I'm sure that sharing a KISS TNC might be complicated stuff

Actually, there is a way to share the TNC, might not be ideal,
but it does work, may create a bit more traffic on RF then one
may desire, depends how it's used. For example :

   At one time I had a KISS serial link from my JNOS to my Windows
   machine which was running an RMS Packet Gateway. The TNC was on
   the JNOS side. All I had to do to *share* the TNC was this :

# 10Jul2010, Maiko, Setup RXECHO both ways for RMS Packet Node, so I
# now SHARE the TNC between JNOS 2.0 and RMS Packet Gateway - nice !
ifconfig vhf rxecho rms
ifconfig rms rxecho vhf

   The 'rms' port is the kiss serial (wired) interface to my windows box,
   and the 'vhf' port has been pk232, tiny2, or my baycom interface. This
   worked very well for the setup I was using. Warranted, traffic that the
   RMS Packet Gateway would never need to see or respond to was still sent
   from VHF to RMS and anything between just the RMS and JNOS would still
   be echoed to RF, it wasn't a big deal for the stuff I run around here.

> What we need is for JNOS to provide KISS service like AGW does for Windows.
> Then I could run RMS-GW on Winders using the network port from JNOS

Okay, so there are two parts then, a tcp/ip server on JNOS for external apps
to use, and a tcp/ip client for JNOS to get to AGW. I suppose I should get off
my behind and work on something thing.


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