[nos-bbs] agwpe/flexnet interfaces, JNOS for Windows, and so on ..

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 10:34:44 EST 2011


I run RMS GW in linux with Xnet, fbb, linux node.
There is no need to run RMS in windows when you have already a linux machine.
Just download rmsgw for linux from: 


The serial port to your tnc (kiss interface) is attached in linux, let say that shows up
as ax0

You attach a pseudo tty in jnos (for instance: ttys8)

"net2kiss" is used to connect the other side to "ax0"
(net2kiss converts a network ax25 driver to a kiss stream on a pseudo tty)

net2kiss -i ax0 /dev/ptys8

With entries in ax25d.conf (ax25d daemon ) users can access RMS GW or
the linux node and they also can access jnos as usual.

You connect jnos also to another kiss interface what is attached to the kernel.
With that users can also access RMS from within jnos.

The ax25 utilities have to be installed for all of this. 



On 07/12/2011 11:26 PM, Alan Sieg WB5RMG wrote:
>>   Bill said :
>>> it would be useful to have client and server support for
>>> the AGWPE TCP interface in JNOS ....
>> Maiko said :
>> Question : How many people would run AGWPE on one PC and JNOS on an
>>              other PC (in linux) ? Unless that other PC was running in
>>              a virtual box environment (even more unlikely).
> I would.   I'm surely a minority, but I dream of this sometimes.
> That is what has been holding me back for some time now.
> I recall asking Bill (shortly before he jumped back into JNOS) about this.
> I've tried a few things, but my time is very very very limited.
> There is minimal audience around here to preach JNOS to, but I try.
> I have one TNC and one radio to leave on packet, and I'm trying to
> stage a comeback on 145.01. Currently I get more bites on an RMS-GW
> than I do on a JNOS BBS, but I want both. Currently I can not share
> an under-utilized TNC. RMG-GW wants Winders, JNOS wants linux.
> Thats OK, I like each where they are. My computers are under-powered
> left-overs (kindof like me I guess...) I need to have something to
> show folks what we can do, what we could have, what we are missing.....
> I had understood Winmore as an HF modem, maybe I'm wrong.
> Ida tried it if I'd thought it was for VHF. I'm sure that sharing a
> KISS TNC might be complicated stuff for JNOS - but I've seen some
> pretty smart folks hanging around this forum. I know yall can do it.
> Bill got me real close, virtual serial ports, network transport,
> it was so close - but I couldn't get JNOS to use them...
> I was introduced to JNOS in 1990, and ran a BBS back in the day for
> nearly 6 years before I was overcome by other circumstances. I know there
> are many today that have cultivated the art way beyond what it was then.
> However I am today stuck with no users and no infrastructure.
> I have no interest in JNOS on Win32, it is great on Linux. If JNOS had
> a way to share the TNC on a port with network applications, that would
> likely work even better than AGW on a winderz box...     Jus Sayn...
> What we need is for JNOS to provide KISS service like AGW does for Windows.
> Then I could run RMS-GW on Winders using the network port from JNOS
> (I'm using AM-PE already to run RMS-GW via AGW)
> Hmmm, maybe I'm talking in circles already. Been a really long day...
> (I do lots of scrollin-n-clickin for NASA during the day, I work
> engineering and management of the ground network for the Space Station)
> JNOS is not rocket science, but obviously doesn't have the budget...
>    (oh wait a minute - we don't either... Hmmmmmmm........)
> I truely appreciate the work done by Maiko, and the others in this group.
> Otherwise JNOS would be only a fleeting memory of some good times in the 90s.
>    Thanks guys - all of ya.  Seasons Greetins from Huntsville, AL.
>                            ( home to the Rocket-City Rednecks...!...)

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