[nos-bbs] JNOS data collection

Jim Smith lanshark at charter.net
Mon Oct 25 21:39:00 EDT 2010

This may be horrendously oversimplified, but based on what I've been 
reading the SNMP idea for JNOS seems reasonably doable.

Looking at the NET-SNMP site and source, some SNMP gathering can be done 
either by running a command and returning that info, or by reading info 
from a file.

 From this I gather that if we can cause info to be made available, a 
module can be written and registered with the SNMP agent so that a call 
can be made via SNMP to the agent and get that info. This would mean 
code to either write out those stats somewhere (somewhat akin to the 
/proc structure maybe?) or a utility to gather data on the fly from (?).

Somewhere along the line a MIB in ASN.1 needs to be developed that gives 
us the data we want that is not normally findable with the current MIBs 
out there. For instance, I can get some stats from the tun interface, 
but not from the interfaces that JNOS uses to the radios. I suppose I 
could get numbers from the serial ports, but that is just raw octets 
with no meaning besides rate and magnitude of flow.

I'll do some more reading, but maybe the first step is to see if there 
is any interest in working on such a thing? I know there is interest in 
using such, but unless someone is willing to actually plan it out and 
someone willing to write and test the code, it remains a dream.

For now I'll keep plugging away at the  idea.



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