[nos-bbs] JNOS, KPC3+, Windows XP

echicken echicken at bbs.electronicchicken.com
Mon Oct 25 23:19:42 EDT 2010

I recently installed JNOS 2.0f and the SWSVPKT packet driver on a
Windows XP machine to which is connected a Kantronics KPC3+ (on COM1,
in case that becomes relevant.)

If at another station I tune to the frequency that the above setup is
on, I can see it broadcast its beacon (I have it set to do so every
five minutes, but it only ever seems to send once.)  If I try to
connect to the JNOS station I receive a successful connect message
from the TNC, but I never receive a login prompt or JNOS prompt of any

JNOS is indeed up and running on the server - the packet driver is set
up correctly and I can telnet in.  When connected via telnet I can use
the "connect" command to connect to my other packet rig.  Once
connected the messages that I try to send from my telnet session on
the JNOS server do not come through, but anything I type from the
secondary station do appear on the JNOS side.

I'm hoping that I'm just missing something in my autoexec.nos, or that
somebody here who has experience with a similar setup could give me
some pointers.  My current autoexec.nos (a slightly edited version of
what was generated by the installer) follows.

log on
tcp mss 1460
tcp window 5840
tcp maxwait 30000
tcp retries 5
ip address
hostname VE3XEC
ax25 mycall VE3XEC
ax25 bbscall ECBBS-2
attach packet 0x60 pkt0 4096 1500
ifconfig pkt0 ipaddress
ifconfig pkt0 netmask
ifconfig pkt0 mtu 1500
attach asy 0x3f8 - ax25 vhf 4096 256 9600
ifconfig vhf description "Kantronics KPC3+"
param vhf 2 256
param vhf 3 1
param vhf 5 1
param vhf TxDelay 25
ax25 bctext "VE3XEC JNOS"
ax25 bcinterval 300
ax25 bc vhf
start ax25
start telnet


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