[nos-bbs] Dynamic Gateways in jnos2.0h limited to two under Slackware 10.1?

Jim Smith lanshark at charter.net
Fri Oct 8 11:47:57 EDT 2010

  I was working on moving the jnos process from DOS to Linux. I'm using 
Slackware 10.1 and jnos 2.0h (not the 25 day timer patch version).

Things were going fine until I tried adding encap routes with domain 
names instead of ip addresses. I can only enter 2 routes before I 
trigger the warning on line 51 of rtdyngw.c.

route addprivate <ip>/<mask> encap <hostname> is the format I'm using.

This does not occur in DOS, but does on Linux. Is anyone else seeing this?



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