[nos-bbs] Jnos crashes.

Don LaBrenz dlabrenz at comcast.net
Thu Jun 17 22:12:18 EDT 2010

I have been having some trouble of late keeping jnos up and running.  I 
am running a Dell 4550 with a P4 processor and 512 meg of memory.

The operating system is Fedora 13 and I am running the Jnos 2.0h.  I 
notice during the day that the free memory seems to bleed away until it

crashes and I get the following error message.

*** GLIBC Detected ***  ./Jnos : Corrupted double-linked list : 
0x0926b630 ***

Any Ideas as to whats happening ??

tnx for any help.


Oh and yes I do not yet have Linux mastered

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