[nos-bbs] Fwd: To be or not to be

Angela (M1SCH / PE1BIV) nos-bbs_mail at pe1biv.net
Tue Jan 26 08:59:11 EST 2010

Hi Glenn and all,

Hm, I only did get the direct copy on my laptop, so I guess the copy via the
list was dropped as a double. Reply to the list though.

> It's worth mentioning that Borland Turbo C++ v4.0 and 4.5 also build JNOS
> quite well. The compilers presumably have fewer bugs, a potential
> advantage.
> The down side is the 3.1 was the last version to include an assembler, so
> you need to either set up a separate assembler (my solution) or keep the
> object files from the assembly code instead of nuking it with a "make
> clean"...

I actually also have 4.5, I think 4.53, but back then decided to put that
back in the box and simply use 3.1. It's been too long, but I think it most
likely was because of the compiler. James N5KNX was using 3.1 at that time
too, though I recall some people using the more recent versions.
LOL, 4.5 must now also be at least some 12 years..
Having a separate assembler would probably be handy anyway, any suggestions?

However, I'm sure 4.5 is also still in a moving box, another one that for
3.1 though.
One of the things here that still has to be done, is my office/hobby
room/radio shack. When that one is ready, which includes taking out and
replacing a soft board ceiling with plasterboard, quite a few boxes can be
emptied and the content given a place where I can find it again. There's
quite a few things I wanted to use since we moved, but where I know it's in
one of the remaining boxes....
BTW, replacing the ceiling does offer the opportunity to put in some cable
ducts for the hobby though....

Rgs, Angela

Hm.. Just noticed I need to update my address book for the list address...

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