[nos-bbs] JNOS 111f - DOS

Angela (M1SCH / PE1BIV) nos-bbs_mail at pe1biv.net
Mon Jan 25 07:40:09 EST 2010

> > Keep running into memory issuse / lockups
As already written, make sure you squeeze all the memory out of the DOS
you're using.
I'm currently running DR-DOS 7.03 which can be downloaded from the web. I
started with an earlier version (6.x?) after I was fed up with the M$
version, though that one with QEMM also works and there used to be another
Memory manager that I also have read to work very well. The M$ version on
it's own will not be satisfactory (understatement).

>    Is this JNOS box connected to the Internet?  If so, you *WILL* want to
> add a few 'tcp access' rules to block incoming SMTP email.  JNOS *is* an
> Open Relay and will fill with SMTP spam attacks quite quickly which will
> drive it to its knees.  Do an 'smpt list' to see if there is a ton of
> pending email deliveries in the mail queue...
If JNOS is set to have a default route to the Internet, it will indeed relay
any message if you let it. So, just make sure the system only accepts SMTP
to known addresses via the REWRITE file.

The address that I use for this message is one on my JNOS 1.11f on DR-DOS
7.03 machines which currently is the POP3, web and incoming mail server
I do want to split it up in one machine HTTP / MX and another one POP / NNTP
when I get to do some more hardware upgrades.

Rga, Angela

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