[nos-bbs] Node software

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ac.rs
Mon Aug 2 13:24:45 EDT 2010

On 8/2/2010 4:19 AM, Kerry Smith wrote:
> You mentioned the node.  I have jnos running on Mt Tops running
> as nodes.  They don't have a lot compiled into them, but they
> do have the basics.  They are doing netrom, with all the other
> nodes in the area, plus they have there own IP table to work
> from if ip is involved, other than netrom.  Hence, the best of
> both.  These machines are running dos and not linux.  Small

Very good. Did you have (some of) these machines running in a wired LAN? 
I mean, did they talk to some other 'node' in a LAN (not using the 
Internet or so).

Misko YT7MPB

> hard drives, IE:  40 - 400 MB, NOT GIG, and low end machines, such
> as 386 or 486.  I think the hottest machine I have out there is
> a Pent 100.  This works nice since most of these old machines do
> NOT have fans on the cpu, and if a power supply fan craps out,
> it's not pushing hard enough to cause a crash.
> I infact, had a power supply fan crap out and replaced it AFTER
> a 6 month period.  Just couldn't get the time to get there, plus
> it was still running, so I wasn't too quick to fix it.
> The old machines run great in remote areas in my case.
> Kerry - n3nxo

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