[nos-bbs] JNOS + WINMOR Sound Card TNC - progress report ...

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 19:35:47 EDT 2010

Great progress Maiko - thanks!

Are you running this with your Windows version of JNOS or from JNOS on
Linux making a TCP connection to the Winmor TNC on a windows box?


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Maiko Langelaar <maiko at pcs.mb.ca> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to some prodding by K7EK (Gary) I finally decided to take
> a more detailed look at the WINMOR Sound Card TNC project. This is
> very impressive work, Rick and the group deserve kudos for this !

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