[nos-bbs] JNOS routing to TUN0

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed May 20 21:45:45 EDT 2009

>> Thanks folks...
>> I had to add the ARP and enable IP_FORWARDing.  the TUN0 netmesk is
>> acting weird too but an extraneous ROUTE command fixed that for now.
> Yup, ARP works.  But I believe arp is kinda a time-dependent solution.  I
> might be wrong, but I opted for installing static route table for all the
> stuff on my LAN at each host.

ARP is pretty much transparent these days as it just works.  The trick
here is where one host (virtual host actually - JNOS) is being routed
to from a different host - the Linux system.   In that case the Linux
box has to be told to respond with its ARP MAC address to IP Queries
for the virtual host.   We've done that before back in the good old
days where we had an ampr.org host and it worked well.   The TUN0
routing setup is relatively new (to me) and I wasn't sure the same old
tricks were going to be needed.

  All hosts come and go any time and find
> everybody any time.  I might do better with my own LAN DNS, but gave up on
> that solution.

I have far too many hosts coming on and off to hard code all the
routes for special cases like virtual JNOS systems.  So the ARP trick
works well.   I'll probably move to a DNS setup when I get all the
Open-mesh and Meraki boxes tied in with the JNOS packet but for now
the simple routing is good enough.

>> Next step - Netrom...
> NET/ROM active here -- but I'm in need of parm tuning help.  It works, but
> does not handle exceptions well [like unavailable at this time, or broken
> path, or ...].  Could we talk after you are happy with your install?

Ah the never ending tweaking of NET/ROM.   The scheme that we had that
actually worked was to let newly heard nodes start with a low,
not-routed, value like 100 and then hard code the good routes with a
larger value.  I think the new INP code in JNOS will alleviated some
of these problems.   I'm still dealing with basic connectivity and
haven't moved on to tuning the Nodes.

>> This is getting better all the time.

Better and better...

Bill - WA7NWP

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