[nos-bbs] JNOS and B2F - 2B or not 2B - opinions anyone ?

Skip VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Tue May 19 14:39:59 EDT 2009

Hi Maiko.
I'm presently northbound, under way just north of mile 290 on the 
"ditch".  This is not my boat, it is a delivery from Tortola BVI to 
Richmand VA.
We just got our butts kicked with force 8 off Cape Fear and are licking 
our wounds.

To the point:
Any time I can keep the tools I like and add functionality I jump at the 
opportunity.  This mail reader is Thunderbird and I like it.  If I had a 
way to hook it up to Airmail/WL2K (etc) as a MTA I'd love to attach to 
the SSB [not on this boat] to dispatch it and [get the grib files we 
could have used a few days ago].  Now this Eee Pc can function both as 
off shore mail tool and also as my companion in the coffee shop [where I 
picked up your message].

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) wrote:
> Good day to all,
> I seem to be using the expression 'at a crossroads' alot lately, this
> time with respect to the B2F protocol - I need opinions, feelings, or
> whatever else you want to throw at this email.
> I've honestly had mixed feelings putting in the B2F code, but IF the
> bbs portion of JNOS is to *keep up* with the up and coming systems,
> the answer is pretty clear, or is it ?
> Am I just *polluting* JNOS with this *new* stuff, or is this okay ?
How can JNOS keep it's "Swiss Army Knife" reputation without it?
As you can see -- my purely selfish reason is to want WL2K connectivity 
without the WL2K mail reader in the bargin.  I'm however the minority of 
> QUESTION : How many of you JNOS users are actively using B2F, and who
>            or what are you forwarding with ?
> QUESTION : Should I leave B2F #undef'd in the official release ?
> Unless one is using Airmail with JNOS, is there any point ?
I'd like to see one tool [JNOS?] act as MTA with access to HF/VHF 
networks for radio [augments the WI-FI to Internet], instead of one tool 
per service.  I'm certain service providers hate my attitude, but I hate 
having my mail spread out over several computers more...  It's all about 
the "end product" and not about the provider.
> The B2F support is *decent*, it could be better ...
> Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM
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Does any of that make sense?


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