[nos-bbs] FLDigi uses same port as MultiPSK

James French w8iss at amsat.org
Fri Jun 12 22:58:56 EDT 2009

For those who want to use FLDIGI on linux, it uses the same port as
Multipsk does.
Heres an excerpt from the fldigi --help file output:

fldigi [option...]
fldigi options:

  --arq-server-address HOSTNAME
    Set the ARQ TCP server address
    The default is:

  --arq-server-port PORT
    Set the ARQ TCP server port
    The default is: 3122

I haven't tried it yet and don't have enough knowledge to implement it
yet. I was looking at the help files to see if FLDigi would work or not
since it is used with PSKMail for HF usage under a Puppy Linux distro.
James W8ISS

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