[nos-bbs] Forwarding to WL2K

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 14:26:56 EDT 2009

Having (mostly) made it past the naming issue, I was able to try
forwarding to a couple WL2K systems.   Here's my setup:

In 'rewrite' I put any @winlink.org message into a wl2k mailbox..

  *@winlink.org wl2k

In forward.bbs, I send this mailbox to either of the wl2k stations I'm
currently targeting.

  ax25 axu0 wa7nwp-10
  .C ac7yy-10 k7idx w7eoc
  ax25 axu0 wa7nwp-10
  .C aa7zv-10 k7idx

That all seems to work...  And a few days ago I was able to
successfully pass some messages.     Now, however, after a few
recompiles of JNOS and tweaks to the domain names, I'm apparently
issueing a bogus B2F message post.   After connecting I send:
  FC EM WA7NWP_82 - - 0
where I believe the - - and 0 should be the addressing and message size.

Has anybody seen this?  The messages in the WL2K mailbox look ok --
nothing unusual there.

It's always some little thing.


PS.  Hmmm  -  I haven't tried other forwarding, FBB or straight SP
recently.  I guess that's the first thing to do tonight.

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