[nos-bbs] Jnos <--> MultiPSK??

Hal IamW8MCH at verizon.net
Sun Jun 7 15:35:49 EDT 2009

On 06-07, Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) wrote:
> Hi Hal and group,
> >I have Jnos2.0-Linux on one machine pinging another machine
> >runnin Win2kPro-MultiPSK that seems to be working partially
> How about trying to telnet from Win2kPro to JNOS ? If you can
> do that, then you know there is at least proper routing in place.
> Please try that and let us know. The next thing after that is what
> do you see in the JNOS logs when you try to attach the multipsk
> interface ?

	I can ping from Jnos to Win2KCmd and get a rtt of 2 or 3..
I cannot ping from Win2kCmd to Jnos, but I can ping to the
router/switch.. jnos> ping rtt 2 --
At Win2KCmd C:> ping -- timed out..

	Herewith the Jnos /log:
14:41:37  - allocating maximum of 24 Axip (axudp + axip) devices
14:41:37  - allocating maximum of 24 dynamic gateways for routes
14:41:37  - using new [tun0] device
14:41:37  - tun_rx - listening for packets
14:41:38  - JNOS 2.0f4 (Linux) was started (availmem=3085733888)
14:42:11  - multipsk listener []
14:42:11  - multipsk - connect failed, errno 111
14:42:49  - JNOS 2.0f4 (Linux) was stopped (0)
14:42:49  - Core: 1300, Up: 0:00:01:12, Logins: 0, Users: 0, Count: 0
14:42:49  - Sent: 0, Read: 0, Rcvd: 0, Fwd: 0

> ARE you using version 4.13 of Multipsk ? Older ones will not
> work, unless you happened to snag that beta version that had
> the new KISS over tcp/ip version.

	I have tried both the one you bundled, annotated "Test Version"
v-4.12.1; then I fetched the new v-4.14 and it's the same.. Both allow
pressing the orange "PACKET"; "TCP/IP"; 300 baud; Press "Link Opening"
so the window reports "Listening." then KISS--but when pressing KISS a
window reports "No serial port for KISS selected." Going to that window
I find it set to "none," which I left because we're not using a Com
port... HI.. My Linux machine is running Slackware 11.0, kernel JNOS 2.0f4, from your bundle..

	Here my autoexec.nos file; after it's running I enter:
jnos> attach multipsk psk 3122
#autoexec.nos 06.07.09
attach tun tun0 1500 0
ifconfig tun0 ipaddress
ifconfig tun0 netmask
ifconfig tun0 mtu 1500
pause 1
# note, NOS creates the TUN device, so NOS needs to do a postconfig
shell /sbin/ifconfig tun0 pointopoint mtu 1500 up
# HAL.... Above needs su to work..
hostname w8mch
motd "I don't know what I'm doing."
> I know I mentioned the following link already, but here it is
> again (actually from my mirror site, since my main web server
> is having disk problems) :
>   http://www.physics.umanitoba.ca/~maiko/jnos2/documents/multipsk.html
> The information in the above link is what you need to do. It also includes
> information on what to do on the Multipsk side. Hope that helps, that's 
> the best I can do right now from the JNOS side. If you can try that stuff
> and send me some logs, that might possibly help solve the problem.

	A friend sent me JNOS2-MAN.doc that I uncrunched to text but I
couldn't find a solution.. :^(... I will fetch the above for
comparison.. It may be newer..

	To make matters worse I am now watching the waterfall and seeing
packets from a known net, but none printing on the Win2K machine..
Previously I was able to print a very few.. Must be propo.. I also,
unfortunately, get much RFI whilst in Win2K that I don't get running
Slack 12.1 on the same machine; same soundcard, same radio/antenna..
We're having fun..

> Regards,
> Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM


        Vy 73 de Hal--W8MCH    UNIX-GNU/Linux - Slackware 11.0,

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