[nos-bbs] SMTP Gateway

Doug Kalish kalish.doug at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 13:22:27 EDT 2009

Thanks very much to Robert and the others who responded.  My original
problem was that I forgot that if the email address domain resolves via DNS,
jnos tries to connect to that IP address.  When I dropped the external DNS
servers and set 'smtp usemx off', the mail got correctly routed to the
server I established with 'smtp gateway xxx'.  Then I ran into all the
problems Robert detailed below.  The smtp trace command was very helpful in
debugging.  By making sure that my jnos hostname resolves in public DNSs and
then connecting to a friend's private SMTP server, I am able to gateway mail
out the jnos box.

There was earlier email about using stunnel to connect to pop3 and smtp
servers.  I haven't been able to install those services via xinetd yet to
test that out.

This sure would be a lot easier if jnos supported authenticated smtp
transactions - with a username and password.

Doug KA3L


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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 22:41:33 -0500
From: Robert Thompson <robertt.thompson at gmail.com>
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Hopefully this will be useful for figuring out why SMTP sometimes fails even
though you have full pingability. Since not every server on the internet
obeys good practices, it is likely you will sometimes have success even when
some of the rules below are broken... just don't count on it. Of course,
none of this applies when the mail is handled only by amateur systems
end-to-end ;-)


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