[nos-bbs] KAM XL dual TNC with JNOS on Linux???

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 08:03:07 EDT 2009

Yes, it can in jnos for a dual port tnc

attach asy ttyS0  - ax25 vhf  1024 256  9600
attach kiss  vhf  1 uhf      4096

BPQ nodes and Jnos can talk with each other.

Connect Bpq node in windows with a cross over cable (null modem)
with a com port of the linux pc.

I did setup a kiss interface in linux that uses 'nsrdrv' and 'kiss' to 
talk with the BPQ node.

nrsdrv is the kiss protocol to the netrom serial protocol what is almost
the same protocol but includes a one byte checksum.
I did use that because I had to interface with an existing system.

Linux (+Jnos) --> kiss --> nrsdrv (netrom serial protocol converter ) ->

A kiss interface is attached in jnos and traffic is echoed <> to
the linux kiss interface (ax0) (using net2kiss)

I did it in that way as Linux is also running the linux node, FBB, RMS, 
etc, and everything can 'talk' to the same serial port in that way

Read the AX25 HOWTO

The kiss interfaces in linux are set-up from /etc/network/interfaces
and 'kiss.sh' is a bash script to put that interface in the kiss mode
The switch is the pc with bpq, etc.

# ax25 link to radio (switch) port
iface ax0 inet static
        pre-up /usr/sbin/nrsdrv -l -s 19200 /dev/ptya8 /dev/ttyS0
        pre-up /usr/local/hamradio/bin/kiss.sh /dev/ttya8 radio
        pre-down  /usr/local/hamradio/bin/kiss.sh

In rc.local;

# Echo ax0 tx/rx  < > jnos
/usr/sbin/net2kiss -i ax0 /dev/ptyp0 &

The ttyp0 side is used in the autoexec.nos to attach the kiss interface 




Al wrote:
> The KAM XL provides two TNCs over one single serial port.  The 
> engineers at Kantronics weren't unfortunately possessed of enough 
> vision to allow the 2nd serial port to be able to talk to the 2nd TNC, 
> making life simpler by a huge margin.
> Normally it is ok to talk to them both that way (on a single serial 
> port)... various protocols like KISS carry the "sub" port number with 
> the data.  The BPQ software on windows is acquainted with this 
> trick... but I'm running on Linux, and I don't know that JNOS and BPQ 
> are compatible anyway.
> I wonder if JNOS can be configured to talk to two TNCs over one PORT 
> already?
> I don't see anything about that in the configuration literature.
> A definitive answer would be better than still wondering I suppose - 
> surely someone else must have wondered this before...
> regards
> Al
> KV6U
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