[nos-bbs] KAM XL dual TNC with JNOS on Linux???

Al awtnos at sunnyside.com
Wed Jul 1 02:18:03 EDT 2009

The KAM XL provides two TNCs over one single serial port.  The engineers 
at Kantronics weren't unfortunately possessed of enough vision to allow 
the 2nd serial port to be able to talk to the 2nd TNC, making life 
simpler by a huge margin.
Normally it is ok to talk to them both that way (on a single serial 
port)... various protocols like KISS carry the "sub" port number with 
the data.  The BPQ software on windows is acquainted with this trick... 
but I'm running on Linux, and I don't know that JNOS and BPQ are 
compatible anyway.
I wonder if JNOS can be configured to talk to two TNCs over one PORT 
I don't see anything about that in the configuration literature.
A definitive answer would be better than still wondering I suppose - 
surely someone else must have wondered this before...


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