[nos-bbs] KAM XL dual TNC with JNOS on Linux???

James French w8iss at amsat.org
Mon Jul 6 18:49:36 EDT 2009

If the KAM has the same basic infostructure like the kpc-9612, then it

I did this years ago when I was still a 'greenhorn' to JNOS. That was
back in the 1.11c days. But its been so long since I have done it, that
I can't remember the exact syntax of the command that I used. I will
have to power up the OLD 286 laptop and take a look at my autoexec.nos
to get the line for you.

This may take a couple of days before you see a reply back.

James W8ISS
On Tue, 2009-06-30 at 23:18 -0700, Al wrote:
> The KAM XL provides two TNCs over one single serial port.  The engineers 
> at Kantronics weren't unfortunately possessed of enough vision to allow 
> the 2nd serial port to be able to talk to the 2nd TNC, making life 
> simpler by a huge margin.
> Normally it is ok to talk to them both that way (on a single serial 
> port)... various protocols like KISS carry the "sub" port number with 
> the data.  The BPQ software on windows is acquainted with this trick... 
> but I'm running on Linux, and I don't know that JNOS and BPQ are 
> compatible anyway.
> I wonder if JNOS can be configured to talk to two TNCs over one PORT 
> already?
> I don't see anything about that in the configuration literature.
> A definitive answer would be better than still wondering I suppose - 
> surely someone else must have wondered this before...
> regards
> Al
> KV6U
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