[nos-bbs] JNOS 111f - DOS

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 06:43:36 EST 2009

Memory issues with jnos for dos.

Switch everything (undef) off in the config.h what you don't need or can 
do without to
reduce the memory demands.
(Some will save more as others - needs experimentation)

Try to increase the conventional memory (the first 640 k of your pc) in 
DOS with a memory manager.
A memory manager will find the "holes" between 640 - 1024 k and 'add' it 
to the conventional memory
so that jnos can use it.
Remember that jnos for dos runs only in conventional memory so it makes 
no difference
if you add physically more ram to your computer as jnos runs only in 
this conventional memory.

jnos for dos is more stable if you have at least 120 k working memory  
free in the  status window.
(top of jnos screen)
This means sacrificing some features in jnos. (= undefine )

Also it is wise to limit the number of netrom nodes displayed in the 
netrom list to save on memory.
(same is valid for xrouter)

Limit the number of possible sessions.

About 'open relay'

Jnos will not function as an 'open relay' if 'SMTP_DENY_RELAY' is defined
in config.h

#define SMTP_DENY_RELAY /* Refuse to relay msgs from hosts not in our 
subnets */

This prevents 'open relay', so relaying of spam not in our subnet but 
not spam to the jnos mailbox
users itself.

(I direct all my mail with MX  records in the dns to a linux mail server 
what checks the mail
for spam and forwards it  o jnos)

It also wise to have..

#define SMTP_VALIDATE_LOCAL_USERS /* local user must be in 
ftpusers/popusers/users.dat */



Jay Nugent wrote:
> Greetings Bill,
> On Fri, 25 Dec 2009, Wm Lewis wrote:
>> Just switched from Xrouter (ran great, no issues... and no BBS) over to JNOS 1.11f for DOS
>> Keep running into memory issuse / lockups
>> Anyone running DOS version out there that could start elmering this JNOS
>> newbie in how to get the most from dos, and prevent all the lockups?
>    Is this JNOS box connected to the Internet?  If so, you *WILL* want to 
> add a few 'tcp access' rules to block incoming SMTP email.  JNOS *is* an 
> Open Relay and will fill with SMTP spam attacks quite quickly which will 
> drive it to its knees.  Do an 'smpt list' to see if there is a ton of 
> pending email deliveries in the mail queue...
>    My second suggestion would be to use the version 2.0 version of the 
> JNOS code.  Maiko has fixed a number of bugs that were in the JNOS 1.11 
> code when he released 2.0, and I HIGHLY suggest moving to it.  There is a 
> link to Maiko's website in the "JNOS" section of the WWW.MI-DRG.ORG 
> website.
>    Good luck!
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