[nos-bbs] Failure with W6LAH-6

Doug Kalish kalish.doug at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 19:55:36 EST 2009

I've encountered a very curious and frustrating problem.  Occasionaly on an
ax25 connect, I get the message 'Failure with W6LAH-6' (or whatever bbs I'm
trying to connect to).  Sometimes the message comes after my connect request
and I see that the remote bbs returns my connect request with an immediate
'DM'.  Other times, I get the failure message immediately - ie, my node
isn't even issuing the connect request.  IP connects to the remote node via
telnet work fine.  If I create a new bbs session using a fake id (like
w6tst) I can log into the remote node a couple of times, but eventually I
get the failure message again.  Looking at the source, the only place the
failure message occurs is in the HFDD device handler.  I only have an ax25

I'm totally confused.  Help.

73 KA3L Doug 

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