[nos-bbs] Server http nos2f for dos compatible explorer 7 ?

iv3ium at alice.it iv3ium at alice.it
Sun Dec 13 04:51:04 EST 2009

The server http of the jnos2f for DOS compatible with the client explorer 7?

I from the wwwlogs read:

16:46:41 - Port: 80
URL: /(null)
HTTP: 0.9
Response: 601 Timed Out
From: (null)
Referer: (null)
User-Agent: (null)

File access.www in the spool directory
anonymous mozilla \pub 59

File jnos.cfg:#the Http server root directory
HttpDir = /jnos/wwwroot
#the Http server statistics directory
HttpStatsDir = /jnos/wwwstats
#the Http server extended logs directory
HLogsDir = /jnos/wwwlogs

File root.htm in the dir /jnos/wwwroot  is present.

Has stopped work after have installed explorer 7.

Thank you for info.



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