[nos-bbs] Questions related to JNOS 1.11f

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 05:34:04 EDT 2008

Hi Misko,

Yes, you have a low memory problem.

Use only a minimal compile of jnos with dos.

Upper memory area (UMA) between 640k - 1 MByte.
is useless for JNOS in a 80286 with dos.
You have utilities like QRAM but that is only to load certain
dos device drivers high.
Jnos runs almost everything in conventional memory.

Defining XMS (memory above 1 MB) and EMS in the jnos compile didn't help 
me much at that time.

I shouldn't load bpq on top of that as there is already not much free
memory left for jnos in a 286 even not when you load the data portion of 
bpq high in EMS (if you have this)

You may opt to use DESQVIEW as that could be configured for a 286 with
2MByte memory and run jnos and bpq in separate shells.

I should at least use a 386 in general with jnos under dos as you can 
add "the  holes" between 640 - 1 Mbyte (UMA)
to the conventional memory (< 640 k)  with a memory manager so that the
free memory for jnos will rise.

I had at least 120 KB free in that way for jnos what greatly increased
its stability.

Even with a 386 I shouldn't load bpq on top jnos because of the free 
memory issue and use DESQVIEW, etc as a 386 + is more suited for that by 

and please limit the netrom table to keep sufficient free memory in jnos.



Miroslav Skoric wrote:
> Hi all,
> For the experimental purpose, I have been trying to setup my JNOS 1.11f 
> bbs to run on top of the BPQ 4.09c node. The JNOS callsign (YT7M) is 
> visible from an internal loopback Port 3 of BPQ, but seems not to be 
> accessible: When a downlink connection attempt is made (or with "bbs" 
> command), it always answers with "Sorry, All BBS Ports are in use":
>> DOSNOD:YT7MPB-4} Heard List for Port 3
>> YT7M       21:02:33
>> YT7MPB-4   20:51:14
>> c 3 yt7m
>> DOSNOD:YT7MPB-4} Sorry, All BBS Ports are in use - Please try later
>> bbs
>> DOSNOD:YT7MPB-4} Sorry, All BBS Ports are in use - Please try later
> JNOS setup of BPQ interface is the following:
> attach bpq init 0x7fh 1
> attach bpq 3 bpq
> Any idea on how to make JNOS accessible from BPQ?
> It is also possible that I have entered into a low memory problem 
> because now I only have some 10-20 kb free RAM (after everything is up). 
> JNOS detects XMS but I am not sure if it is better to put NIC drivers 
> and BPQ in high memory and disable JNOS detecting XMS, or some other 
> approach would result in more free RAM. Any idea? That is an old 
> 80286/12 box with 1 meg RAM only (no extensions possible).
> Misko YT7MPB
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