[nos-bbs] Questions related to JNOS 1.11f

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ns.ac.yu
Tue Sep 16 15:12:30 EDT 2008

Bob Tenty wrote:

> Yes, you have a low memory problem.

I suppose so. After returning back to the 'pure' JNOS without BPQ (but 
using AXIP link in JNOS instead), I have forwarding in operation again.

> Use only a minimal compile of jnos with dos.

Keep trying that. Btw, is there a precise and detailed explanation of 
all details and lines within config.h because I am not sure what I could 
decide to #undef and/or #define?

> Upper memory area (UMA) between 640k - 1 MByte.
> is useless for JNOS in a 80286 with dos.
> You have utilities like QRAM but that is only to load certain
> dos device drivers high.

I have HIMEM.SYS here. Is it more suitable? The idea was to put BPQ in 
XMS ('lh bpqcode' or like) as well as network card drivers and, if 
needed, make XMS undefined in JNOS (if it may help).

My CONFIG.SYS looks like that:

shell=c:\dos\command.com c:\dos\ /p
rem device=c:\net\ifshlp.sys
rem device=c:\dos\ansi.sys
rem shell=c:\dos\command.com /p /e:1024
rem lastdrive=z

Are the values for files and buffers ok? What about two 'shell' options? 
Which one looks better? (I forgot which software added each of them, so 
I am not sure about proper using either).

Btw, the 'mem' command returns:

626976 largest executable program size
327680 bytes available XMS memory
MS-DOS resident in High Memory area

Any improvement somebody could suggest here .. ?

> I shouldn't load bpq on top of that as there is already not much free
> memory left for jnos in a 286 even not when you load the data portion of 
> bpq high in EMS (if you have this)

I do not have EMS at all. Only XMS.

> You may opt to use DESQVIEW as that could be configured for a 286 with
> 2MByte memory and run jnos and bpq in separate shells.

1MByte (1024 k) RAM only ...

> I had at least 120 KB free in that way for jnos what greatly increased
> its stability.

Yep, I also have cca 120KB now after booting JNOS without BPQ.

> and please limit the netrom table to keep sufficient free memory in jnos.

I am not sure about that part. Which netrom table?


Misko YT7MPB

> 73,
> Bob VE3TOK

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