[nos-bbs] Bill's Global AXIP and back to Global MAILBOX again

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 14:49:29 EST 2008

Hamgates, universal addressing and just plain more packets are a great
thing to work towards!!!

>   Typically, if I know the station is a JNOS user I can send email to
> "callsign at callsign.AMPR.ORG" and it will get there.

That's host specific addressing.  The magic here is if we can take it
one step further to simply be:  "callsign at AMPR.ORG".   We have tried
and tested technology to manage the routing to the appropriate HOST or
even multiple HOSTS.

>  And if they are an
> AX.25 user, I send to "callsign at hamgate.county.AMPR.ORG".

It shouldn't matter if it's an AX.25 or JNOS or any other AMPR.ORG
user.   The routing magic should find the way for the mail message.
wa7nwp at ampr.org might be delivered by SMTP to the host
126.wa7nwp.ampr.org while a message to "n7fsp at ampr.org" could be
delivered to the bbs - k7ek.#WWA.WA.NOAM aka k7ek.kingWA.AMPR.ORG.

>  But that is the
> convention we use here in the Michigan AMPRnet.  Yours may vary.

I think that Michigan is "the" convention these days..

>   I'd *REALLY* like to see more Hamgate's and JNOS nodes pop up all
> around the country!

Me too!!!   This would be a very good thing.

>  We have 22 Hamgate's in Michigan now and as many JNOS
> home stations

Are there how-to's we could leverage for a world wide system?

What does it take to be a "hamgate?"

How does somebody set up a home JNOS system?

Where does a AX25 Linux box fit in?

>.  Our network continues to grow steadily.  There are pockets
> of JNOS activity in Colorado, Virginia, Hawaii, and a few other states.

> We should work together toward re-linking all of them through the
> worldwide AMPRnet network :)

I agree completely but I'm not optimistic on the AMPRnet system.  Is
there enough interest and energy by the key players to support and
modernize it?   Jay and Brian do a lot but they can't carry the whole
load.   Maybe our chance for success would be higher if we started
over from scratch with the latest and greatest tools.

Bill - WA7NWP

>      --- Jay Nugent  WB8TKL
>          o Chair, ARRL Michigan Section "Digital Radio Group" (DRG)
>            [www.MI-DRG.org]
>          o Michigan AMPRnet IP Address Coordinator
> In response to the issue about dumbing-down Amateur Radio, a fellow Ham
> said:    "Would you like fries with that emergency communication?"

Was that on an iPhone?

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