[nos-bbs] 8153 Segmentation fault

AC7YY - Kim ac7yy at comcast.net
Sat Nov 15 13:14:11 EST 2008

JNOS version 2.0e (Linux)
New Jnos 2.0 distribution by Maiko Langelaar, VE4KLM
based on Jnos 1.11f by Johan. K. Reinalda, WG7J/PA3DIS
James P. Dugal, N5KNX, and Brandon S. Allbery, KF8NH
Copyright 1991 by Phil Karn (KA9Q) and contributors.

./startnos: line 75:  8153 Segmentation fault      /jnos2/bin/jnos -C
-g2 -f /etc/ax25/jnos2/nos.cfg
                    root at server2:/jnos2/etc#

I upgraded from ubuntu 6.06LTS to 8.04LTS .. In that process, I copied
all the JNOS2 directories (I thought) to a backup drive and then copied
them back after the fresh install was completed.

In starting JNOS, I am getting this Seg fault and I am unable to figure
out what I missed. Or where to look what is missing.

Can someone help?

kim - ac7yy

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