[nos-bbs] Bill's Global AXIP and back to Global MAILBOX again

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Sat Nov 15 12:31:37 EST 2008


I've been thinking about *instant* AXIP for years, just never got to
it, too many other things to do I guess. The original thought I had
was that if my system received an AXIP/AXUDP packet from some remote
system, that I would automatically attach an AXIP/AXUDP link back to
that very system, and *see what happens*. Of course, the sysop would
be notified by mail immediately of this event, and so on. Of course
that had no security, but it was just a concept I thought of. Once
there was significant traffic flow, the sysop could be prompted to
make the new link *permanent* or *lets forget about this one*, or

There are other issues of course, but bare bones that's what I had
in mind.

This goes along the same line of thought as GLOBAL mailboxes :

   What if I could connect to any NOS, FBB, MSYS, whatever system
   and simply direct a mail to a callsign (ie, VE4KLM), instead of
   to VE4KLM@#WPG.MB.CAN.NOAM ? Our callsigns are **UNIQUE**, so why
   bother with the #WPG.MB.CAN.NOAM or somewhere.someplace.com ?

Winlink has it that you simply send to the CALLSIGN. Again, I have
seriously been thinking about a global system where we just scrapt the
suffix, so that the mail is truly GLOBAL, not local to a particular
system. People have suggested a central IMAP server with IMAP proxies
distributed globally and then have *participating* NOS systems link
into that system. OR something along that line.

That stuff truly exites me.

Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

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