[nos-bbs] Global AXIP

Brian brian at support.uroweb.net
Sun Nov 9 14:30:27 EST 2008

Hi Bill et al;

> The world wide virtual packet on the Internet functionality is
> incredibly powerful but the current setup requires so much effort up
> front to get going that most folks don't have the time.

While it'd be a nice thing to do, there are other things that makes it
complicated beginning with the ISPs doing source-address filtering as a
method of spoof protection against their own wans. 

Then you have the issue of the less-costly consumer router devices that
filter IPIP tunneling by default, with some that don't allow a way to
bypass this.

For those running linux, I have a tool available online that's
copy'n'paste ready for those looking to create net-44 tunnels... it can
be found at:


Just enter in 4 parameters (two of which would be a static host to
forward encap packets to) and it will generate ip route table entries
along with a very basic iptables ruleset to add to your firewall.

73 de Brian - N1URO
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