[nos-bbs] Hit enter after connection

Marco Di Martino (IW2OHX) iw2ohx at iw2ohx.org
Sun Aug 26 03:56:22 EDT 2007

Thank you very much for your help George!

I solved the problem setting up different callsign for each service:

ax25 mycall IW2OHX-10
ax25 alias RHONOS
ax25 bbscall IW2OHX-5
netrom alias OHXNOS
netrom call IW2OHX-4

My mistake was equal callsing and SSID for "bbscall" and for "netrom call".

Now when users call directly IW2OHX-5, JNOS automacally presents motd and
prompt after connection.

JNOS: port: 4001

73 de IW2OHX
Op. Marco
Rho(MI) - Italy

Alle 17:55, sabato 25 agosto 2007, (Skip) K8RRA ha scritto:
> The "hit enter" is a well known issue but not real well documented
> Marco.
> [that's my opinion...]
> On Sat, 2007-08-25 at 16:04 +0200, Marco Di Martino (IW2OHX) wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm a jnos user.
> > I ask if is it possible to avoid to hit "enter" (CR) after connection.
> >
> > On some ports I use only AX.25 protocol, so there isn't necessety to wait
> > for TCP/IP connection.
> >
> > What parameters should I change ?
> There are several ways to configure jnos -- you may well choose to
> invent yet another.
> One way to configure is to utilize all active functions on one SSID that
> represents one physical site or node.  This configuration might be used
> to establish many nodes using one emergency call sign to be activated in
> the event of some event.  This method requires the "hit enter" to wake
> up jnos "connect".
> Another way to configure is with one node is to utilize one SSID for
> each function offered.  This configuration is used often in networks of
> hams where the network is established with a given pattern for use of
> SSID number.  There are multiple patterns - but only one per network.
> This method usually avoids the "hit enter" issue you have asked about.
> There is not a standard configuration for jnos, but the "hit enter" is a
> way for the software to identify what kind of service is being requested
> by the remote site when there are multiple choices to resolve by the
> local site.
> I have specifically avoided detail in presenting the above. My
> suggestion is to review how others have configured in your own
> neighborhood and then decide on your own use of SSID numbers to be
> compatible.  You and the other nodes you can contact may choose some use
> of SSID to satisfy your own needs - one need being to avoid the "hit
> enter" requirement.  There are several to choose from, I have not done
> this but you might google on "SSID assignment" to find working
> alternatives.
> > thanks
> > Marco
> 73
> de [George (Skip) VerDuin] K8RRA k
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