[nos-bbs] Crusin' in my DOS Box :-)

Barry Siegfried k2mf at k2mf.ampr.org
Wed Apr 25 19:41:52 EDT 2007

["Steven Stimpson" <steven2 at gwi.net> wrote]:

> Using bcc 3.1 I compiled a really big NOS.exe yesterday. I packed in
> as much stuff as I could imagine that would actually be used on the
> air, and then added some more.  I have a nos.exe that will do smtp,
> ftp, telnet, ttylink, finger, hopcheck, bbs... pretty much everything
> except I ditched the POP3 SERVER, and the NNTP code.
> I have 150k dos memory left over.  Last night I had my ethernet card
> attached and monitoring, had a dialup modem connected also via ppp on
> com1, and a kiss tnc on com2.  Configuration took under 20 minutes
> from scratch, most of that time was spent on the dial script for the
> dialup modem.
> Funny though was telnetting out the ethernet cable modem connection
> and into the dialup connection to the BBS.  HopCheck was pretty cool
> too.
> Big deal you say?  Well I did it with a miniscule operating system
> and about 450K of conventional ram.
> I am just wondering what the system requirements are of a 2.6.20
> kernel compiled with the minimum necessary to get Jnos to be able
> to ping www.google.com?
> This isn't an operating system comparison, or even an attempt at a
> flame war.  It is a presentation, along with a request, that on both
> the documentation side, and the development side, a consideration is
> kept for the capabilities of a 386 with DOS 6.2 and an ISA ethernet
> card.

Bravo to you, Steven!

And I thought I was the only one left who uses boat anchors for
equipment and a simple O/S that "nobody" uses anymore!  :)

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