[nos-bbs] Crusin' in my DOS Box :-)

Steven Stimpson steven2 at gwi.net
Wed Apr 25 18:37:55 EDT 2007

 Using bcc 3.1 I compiled a really big NOS.exe yesterday. I packed in as much
stuff as I could imagine that would actually be used on the air, and then added
some more. I have a nos.exe that will do smtp, ftp, telnet, ttylink, finger, hopcheck,
bbs...pretty much everything except I ditched the POP3 SERVER, and the NNTP code.

I have 150k dos memory left over. Last night I had my ethernet card attached and
monitoring, had a dialup modem connected also via ppp on com1, and a kiss
tnc on com2. Configuration took under 20 minutes from scratch, most of that time was
spent on the dial script for the dialup modem.

Funny though was telnetting out the ethernet cable modem connection
and into the dialup connection to the BBS. HopCheck was pretty cool too.

Big deal you say? Well I did it with a miniscule operating system and about 450K
of conventional ram.

I am just wondering what the system requirements are of a 2.6.20 kernel
compiled with the minimum necessary to get Jnos to be able to ping www.google.com?

This isn't an operating system comparison, or even an attempt at a flame war.
It is a presentation, along with a request, that on both the documentation side,
and the development side, a consideration is kept for the capabilities of a 386
 with DOS 6.2 and an ISA ethernet card.

Steven N1OHX

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