[nos-bbs] Routing

Ryan Collier kb8pmy at fuse.net
Wed Apr 18 06:47:14 EDT 2007

Hello guys,

I tried everything that you guys wanted me to and nothing changed at
all.  There are no error messages in jnos. but I do get an error in
linux.  That say NO CONFIGURATION for device TUN0.  I tried making a
dumb device and that didn't work very well.  I am very puzzled now.
Also if I type aprsc and jnos> it will shut down right then.  I don't
think I am going to use the aprs postion anymore for aprs but I though
you needed to know that was not working.  Also I can not get nodes
function to work.  Keeps telling me that it is denied.  Is there a way
to make the NETROM node be a node and not route right to the bbs when
you connect?


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