[nos-bbs] Virtual Machine JNOS

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 17:09:22 EDT 2007

>  And Bill correctly introduces the "virtual" concept.  Has anyone got multiple jnos running on one host?  Why not - other than lack of need?  And virtualization is a moving target too.  With the new "zen?" the hardware is virtual and multiple O/S run on one hardware without emulation.  Thus wine and zen become another toss-up.  Has anyone tried DOS & jnos on top of zen yet?  Mind boggling?

Running *NOS in a Virtual machine does have some interesting
potential.  It could  be used to bring the JNOS on Linux advantages to
a Windows platform.  I've been running Ubuntu under Microsofts free
Virtual PC here at work for months and it's been incredibly solid.
One day I'm sure I'll try compiling JNOS here but for now I'm trying
to reduce my distractions.

Another virtual application is running JNOS with a Virtual network
device on a pure windows system.  I believe that will present  a clean
network interface card to NOS and finally resolve the shared network
access issue.   This is another project to check out one of these

Neither of those are what I was suggesting.  JNOS in operation can be
considered a simple and limited virtual machine.  It has its own TCP
networking stack and unique IP number(s).  It has its own server and
client applications as well as a limited authentication system.     It
would be possible to run a JNOS system with a TCP interface to an open
RF network and that would be (somewhat) isolated and secure from the
internal local network.  It's connecting the RF to local network that
is one of the more complicated JNOS tasks.

Taxes are (mostly) done. Catching up with the chores.  Wow - I may
have some *NOS time this weekend.

Bill -WA7NWP

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