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Mon Apr 16 09:34:22 EDT 2007

Jay - I owe you a public apology...

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Good evening Jay,<<SNIP>> 

>    Dunno what SHIFT+UP-ARROW does....  You'll have to fill me in on that 
> one...

This comes from my wiki - my wiki comes from earlier documentation text
I'm glad to change the wiki when I find this stuff ==> as long as it is
the *intended* response from jnos. 

The above did not come from the wiki >> right now I don't know where it
came from.
I expect I'll run into it some day again.
I can promise I did not invent the extra key stroke by myself, the key
sequence was provided and it worked.

As of this morning it is now in the wiki...

Sorry for the mis-information Jay

de [George (Skip) VerDuin] K8RRA k
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