[nos-bbs] The sysop LOOK command (bug?)

Jay Nugent jjn at nuge.com
Sun Apr 15 21:36:48 EDT 2007

Greetings Skip,

On Sun, 15 Apr 2007, (Skip) K8RRA wrote:

> Another command caused concern today - the LOOK command.
> While a local user was logged in to my bbs via the 2-meter vhf packet -
> I used LOOK CALL command.
> While I watched he connected to another local station, did stuff,
> returned to my bbs & then "bye".
> The look session I initiated performed rather badly...
> First the <CR> <LF> end of line worked differently than everything else
> I have used on jnos.
> The <LF> appeared to be missing so lines were (overwritten?).
> The lines that stayed on the display were the ones that wrapped around
> the col-80 end of screen.
> The display never scrolled off the top - too little text was displayed.

   I'm running JNOS2.0 on DOS.  LOOK works perfectly for me.  Scrolls 
correctly.  Lines wrap correctly.

> Second most lines were "empty".  The <enter> from my keyboard was echoed
> OK with <LF> active...
> I can't sort out what happened to his text lines - the options:
>   a) they were not written to the session.
>   b) they were written to the session but because the <LF> failed the
> line was immediately blanked.

   The LOOK command as far as I know is *NOT* used to send text to the 
user.  It is just that, a way to "look" at what the guy is doing.  

> Third the up-arrow and down-arrow keys scrolled thru the sysop command
> history forward and backward directions thru the cache.  That is NOT
> commands issued in the session but commands before entering the LOOK
> session.  I did not attempt to execute them so I don't know what result
> <enter> would have had.

   I can scroll through my history of commands and hit enter to re-execute 
then.  I do this ALOT with the 'conv list' command, as I watch what 
Hamgates' CONVerse links  are connected to me.

>  While in sysop, the shift+up-arrow is
> documented to do this / on my system it does not require the shift...

   Dunno what SHIFT+UP-ARROW does....  You'll have to fill me in on that 

> Fourth I attempted to chat with the caller - he did not respond.  This
> may be a non-issue - I list it as an FYI only.

   How *exactly* did you try to "chat" with him???

   I usually go into the CONVerse bridge and issue the "/i <callsign>" 
command to Invite him to join me on the CONV bridge.

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