[nos-bbs] Questions related to JNOS 1.11f

Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB) skoric at uns.ns.ac.yu
Wed Apr 4 01:36:27 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

It seems that I finally managed to establish forwarding between my 
DosJNOS 1.11f box and WinFBB 7.00i box over Ethernet (AXIP channel, 
running BPQ32 at WinFBB's comp). I have even managed to enable JNOS to 
run in 'mbox fbb 2' mode. So far - so good.

The next issue is the following: The JNOS mailbox (bbs) callsign is 
YT7MPB-14 and FBB's bbs callsign is YT7MPB-9 (BPQ32 switch is YT7MPB-5) 
and my user call for manual accessing each of them is YT7MPB *no* SSID. 
I have configured JNOS "ftpusers" file to accept incoming connections by 
YT7MPB-9 with bbs privileges (forwarding) and YT7MPB in, say, sysop 
mode. That worked fine as long as those two callsigns were connecting 
locally or via telnet from the other machine (lan interface).

After I enabled AXIP tunnel at JNOS, it seems that it somehow 'strips' 
(snips, whatever) the SSID of incoming connections, so YT7MPB-9 was 
recognized as YT7MPB (sysop but not bbs privileges). I mean, JNOS 
answers to that incoming connection of FBB as if it is from a user, not 
a bbs. Btw, I checked and double checked that FBB (YT7MPB-9) passes 
through the BPQ switch with a SSID and, also, it reaches JNOS side with 
the SSID (JNOS 'mbox' command says that it is still YT7MPB-9). But, the 
top second line of JNOS reports it is just YT7MPB without SSID. (BBS: 

To prove that behavior, I made an incoming connection test from BPQ 
switch, using its callsign YT7MPB-5. It is also reported by 'mbox' 
command properly (Users: YT7MPB-5 via tunnel etc ...) but also treated 
by JNOS mailbox as without SSID.

It seems to me that issue has something in connection with the AXIP 
interface but don't know what it might be. Any idea?


Misko YT7MPB

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