[nos-bbs] Questions related to JNOS 1.11f

Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB) skoric at uns.ns.ac.yu
Tue Apr 3 11:52:56 EDT 2007

Mike kb5wbh wanted me to post this to the group:

I think it was called FILTER, we use it here on 2 DOS
FBB systems. To make sure I would have to go visit the
remote sites and see. I tried to post to the group but
my email was rejected. I am receiving the emails from
the list though.
Mike kb5wbh

--- "Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB)" <skoric at uns.ns.ac.yu>

 >> Barry Siegfried wrote:
 >>> >
 >>> > Yes, I suppose that would work.  Is the FBB source
 >> "open"?  No doubt
 >>> > such a subroutine could be ported to JNOS if
 >> somebody has enough of
 >>> > an interest to do it.  My prediction is, however,
 >> that this will not
 >>> > happen.
 >>> >
 >> Not quite sure about but think that only Linux
 >> version of FBB is open
 >> source. Anyway, I recall that in fact it wasn't a
 >> 'subroutine' of FBB
 >> itself but rather an external add-on called SCANBULL
 >> or something like
 >> that. If I remembers properly, it was run in
 >> DodFBB's background and
 >> acted upon the user's input (say, I am looking for
 >> bulletins having the
 >> word 'radio') in a special message sent to the
 >> server. The sender would,
 >> later, get the response from FBB, a list with such
 >> bulletins.

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