[nos-bbs] at kill all

wa7nwp wa7nwp at jnos.org
Thu Sep 28 02:22:55 EDT 2006

Now that JNOS is "running" again, I'm getting some forwarding links 
going again.  One twist on this is that I'm playing the "old bull" (it's 
a long story -- I'll post it sometime) and I want to use "all" the 
frequencies.  Part of that will involve a tweak to the forward commands 
to allow generating CI-V commands in the forward.bbs to switch 
frequencies.   While that level of automation is a ways off, I do 
currently manually switch channels on a regular basis.  As such there 
are different stations to forward with and different Digi's for my ID 

So I'm creating frequency dependent configuration files.   Here's an 
example for the local EOC net on 145.63 MHz.

---  14563.nos ---
mbox alias Minot "c vhf minot k7idx"
ax25 route add ID vhf ELYSSA
ax25 route add MAIL vhf ELYSSA

at 05 "mbox kick N7yge+"
at 15 "mbox kick W7ARC+"
at 25 "mbox kick W7smc+


Two little issues here.

I need to clear all the mbox aliases and all the at commands before 
loading in the new ones.   It won't be hard to hack the code to do that, 
but before I dive in, any suggestions?   Restarting is the best answer 
so far but I don't want to lose my heard lists..


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