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Barry Siegfried k2mf at nnj.k2mf.ampr.org
Wed Sep 27 19:53:51 EDT 2006

["Barry Siegfried" <k2mf at nnj.k2mf.ampr.org> wrote]:

> ... it COULD be possible to change an ethernet adaptor address
> from NOS, presuming that NOS gave us the ability to do that which
> means that we might be able to do it through SwsVpkt as well.  I
> have to give that a whirl and see if it can be done.

I have good news/bad news about this.

The good news is that I have successfully modified the NOS I use
to allow the changing of NIC hardware addresses by executing the
SET_ADDRESS function call to the underlying packet driver.  I can
actually change the hardware address that NOS uses for most common
packet drivers/hardware I have around the shack here.

The bad news is that the SwsVpkt packet driver won't support the
SET_ADDRESS function call.  :(  I'm going to try and find out why,
but since I heard recently that SwsVpkt may be fading away into the
sunset, this might be difficult to do.

So for you SwsVpkt users out there who need IP connectivity from
NOS to the host O/S Windows stack via a single ethernet NIC, we
still haven't found a way to make that happen easily.

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