[nos-bbs] Virtual Machine Network Driver

wa7nwp wa7nwp at jnos.org
Thu Sep 28 02:11:40 EDT 2006

> I have not tried NOS in a Linux VPC window but I have tried it in a
> DOS VPC window and yes, it works fine.  I am no fan of Microsoft or
> its products but VPC happens to be one incredible piece of software

Ok..  Tried VPC tonight.  Very very cool!   I didn't have the ambition 
to dig out the old MS-DOS disk so I tried FreeDos and then Damn Small 
LInux.   Both ran fine off the .ISO image.  I didn't try long enough 
with either of them to get the OS installed onto the virtual hard disk. 
   Like everything else there are little tricks here to make it work 
right.  Overall the ease of being able to try new systems without 
touching and formating real disks was a very very good thing.

I checked with Mr Virtual PC guy Ben today and he confirmed it should 
work with a standard packet driver.

So JNOS on Freedos on a windows box should be running in a couple days.

It also looks like JNOS on Linux on Windows isn't that far off either.

Of course it's a compromise to a pure Linux system -- but it has its 
advantages too.

Progress I'd say.  11 pm now and normal people are sleeping or watching 
the news.  Sounds to me like a good time to pull a network cable through 
the wall.  The cool weather is here and that means I can set up the 
computer far out in the garage.

Bill - WA7NWP

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