[nos-bbs] recv_yapp, airmail, and FBB fwding standards spec ?

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Sat Sep 23 10:23:34 EDT 2006

Well this is just plain wierd,

For those techies out there, perhaps you have an idea ...

I finally have a server side Pactor mailbox working for JNOS,
but now I'm running into some issues with the AirMail client.

It's amazing how much development time you can get by connecting
a couple of DXP38 modems back to back DIRECT without radios :-)

For instance here I am trying to forward to my JNOS from
Airmail :

  2006/09/23 14:16:48 Connected to VE4KLM
  <Pactor1: >
  You have 0 messages.
  Area: VE4IP (#0) >
  ; VE4KLM de VE4IP QTC: 1 54 57
  F> 9C
  FS +
  Sending "another test", 57 bytes (-6% compressed)
  *** Protocole Error (1)FQ
  2006/09/23 14:17:45 Disconnected from VE4KLM

The part that is failing is when JNOS Is in the recv_yapp(),
which is the function that dumps the compressed *Sending*
data to a file.

It *seems* that Airmail includes the EOT as part of the
packet length, whereas JNOS and F6FBB do NOT include the
EOT in the packet length. Any forwarding between AirMail
and JNOS results in FBBerror (3) - could not find EOT.

I compensated for that. And now it seems the checksum
calculation is out of order.

The above can be dealt with, but is there somewhere
a standard clear cut on LZHUF compression and FBB
forwarding ?

I can't help but think that the original standard has
been wrongly (or possibly correctly) interpreted here.

Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

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