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(Skip) K8RRA k8rra at ameritech.net
Wed Sep 20 11:06:11 EDT 2006


Some months ago I participated in a thread discussing the "Upload" and
"Download" BBS commands.
To my chagrin I did not follow thru with what I promised - until today.

Attached to this note (and I hope this reflector will support this) are
two substitute files for jnos/spool/help/...
They reflect the command description changes discussed around June.
If you like the change then make the substitution, if not then submit
them to the big bit bucket.
I have not established a distribution site yet, so this attachment is
If they happen to find their way into various distributions I'll be

I'm sorry if this seems a bit hap-hazard - thanks for your
de [George (Skip) VerDuin] K8RRA k
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     D[ownload] [/][<path_name>/]filename
     DU [/][<path_name>/]filename
     DX [/][<path_name>/]filename

     The download command will display file contents from the host
     on the local terminal.  Use the "D" command to view a plain ASCII
     text file.  Include the full path_name if the desired file is not
     in the working directory.  Use the W[hat] command to explore the
     directory tree available.  Please note that the character used to
     separate the path and filename is a "/" not backward slash.

     Note that if the local terminal supports a capture feature then
     effectively a file-to-file transfer is initiated.  You can also
     download binary files converted to UUENCODED ASCII with the "DU"
     command. You will need the "uudecode" utility to convert this file
     back to binary.

     If the sysop compiled Jnos with X-Modem protocol support, then
     the DX command is available to download the specified filename
     using X-Modem protocol.

     The DM command downloads the Message-of-the-day file if it exists.
     Any filename given after DM is ignored.

     download oscar13.inf
     du public/files.txt

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     U[pload] [/][<path_name>/]<filename>
     UX [/][<path_name>/]<filename>

     The upload command creates an ASCII file on the host from the terminal.
     Note that if the terminal in use includes a spooling feature then a
     file-to-file transfer may be initiated.  Specify a full path_name to
     the file if it is not to be created in the working directory of the host.
     Uploads can only go into the directory that you logged into, or another
     directory under that one.

     The ASCII transfer proceeds line-by-line until you enter either a 
     "<CTRL>Z" or "/ex" as the first thing on a blank line.

     If the sysop compiled Jnos with X-Modem protocol support, then the UX
     command is available using X-Modem protocol from the terminal emulator
     in use.

     upload kepler.txt
     u /public/satelite/oscar13.txt

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