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Yo Jaye,

On Sun, 2006-09-17 at 08:27 -0700, Jaye Inabnit, ke6sls wrote:

> On Sunday 17 September 2006 05:07, Larry Shields wrote:


> Okay, Maiko and the rest of you geeks:
> How hard would it be to make a simple bash script to locate needed tools for 
> crunching jnos source?  Something like this might prove a handy tool for both 
> newbie users as well as confirmed geeks.

One of the prime requirement I have set for myself in bringing
documentation up-to-date is to define prerequisites for (you fill in the
In my vocabulary that means a table for jnos2.0x and a second table for
compile platform - in this case: ubuntu 6.06 / gcc / glibc / etc.
It may not come out this way in the end because of the rev level
complication, but the script you request answers the same question after
the platform is up and running and the target version of jnos is in your
hands / my document for planning purposes...

One of the simplifying things about jnos comes from it's roots - it
began life as a self-contained code with few prerequisites.  I sense
this is about the change with library calls replacing native code.  I
expect this is a good thing over the long haul.  But it means my
platform table now has more entries, and probably some "sunset" entries
to accommodate older revs.  And I'm approaching this as a non-geek?
Still, I'm expecting a newbie will get feet wet with pre-compiled
versions (another platform table?) before taking this compilation step
to optimize code content for the site.

> I know we need GCC, make, binutils.  What else is required?

I hope soon to define a good answer to your question for many

> Tnx and 73
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