[nos-bbs] Confused KPC-3 KISS mode

K8RRA (Skip) k8rra at ameritech.net
Sun Sep 17 14:30:01 EDT 2006

If it ain't broke - don't fix it.
That's what my dad tried to teach me Bill.

On Sun, 2006-09-17 at 10:30 -0700, wa7nwp wrote:

> Everything was working great -- then I tried to fix it.
> Went to add the "COMM" commands to automatically put my KPC3 into KISS 
> mode for JNOS.  I had the param 255 setting in onexit.nos to take it out 
> when JNOS shut down so it was only naturally that JNOS should start it up.

You might want to rethink this process?
On the normal operation scene your work could be slick for a mixed use
of the KPC-3.
But for jnos, this means a complex startup to determine if the former
session left the TNC in:
  terminal mode from a normal jnos exit
  kiss mode from an abort exit - like power failure?
  maybe other modes from crashes of other software?
The simplifying rule of "in kiss before initializing jnos" addresses the
difficulty of scripting the unknown?
If you have been able to script jnos to query and direct TNC setup, I'd
really like to see you work.
Even if you develop a pre-jnos bash script to configure the TNC it might
be quite valuable to many of us?
And if jnos is a service on your station, then system reboot or respawn
brings jnos back to life reliably...

> Of course I started out following the settings in "help comm" and that's 
> apparently for the AEA or older KPC TNCS.  A few more bogus param 
> commands later and my KPC3 is acting weird.   An outgoing ax25 connect 
> transmits ok -- but the received packets coming back from the KPC3 to 
> JNOS are apparently in some polled kiss mode.   JNOS trace shows a 
> <polled> flag and 8 or so "." bytes before the data.   If tried the tnc 
> commands for polled xkiss and checksummed xkiss but nothing seems to 
> work.   I'm about to pop the case and do a hard reset -- pretty sure 
> that will fix it.   Still I'm curious about what mode this is and if 
> there is a way to fix it from the TNC command prompt.
> It's strange there's no hard reset (that I can find) anymore from the 
> command prompt.

The KPC-9612 takes a screwdriver too.  Seems like a product design

You have a neat concept in hand, you consider publishing it when you are

> Anybody have any suggestions here?
> Thanks,
> Bill - WA7NWP
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