[nos-bbs] Jnos 2.0e & Ubuntu version 6.06 Question

Larry Shields larry at isp.com
Sun Sep 17 08:05:10 EDT 2006

Jaye Inabnit, ke6sls wrote:

>On Saturday 16 September 2006 15:36, Larry Shields wrote:
>>*Is there anyone that is running Jnos 2.0e & Ubuntu 6.06, if so I'd like
>>to know what you need to get it too compile correctly, for I end up with
>>an error 1 exit...
>>Many thanks for any help on this...
>base install of ubuntu/kubuntu doesn't include any compiling tools.  You will 
>need to add these after the install is done--gcc, binutil etc etc.  I have to 
>tip my hat to the vmware folks--I started the vmserver (now freely available) 
>and began the install process, at each point it would stop and ask me where 
>such as such was (or let me point it out) and I simply kept adept running and 
>added all the needed tools--before long, it cruched a new set of modules for 
>my kernel and ran like a top.
>Anyway, perhaps you can list what you have now and determin what is missing.
>hth om.  73
>Jaye, ke6sls
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*Hello Jaye,

Long time no hear from, hope all is well with you...

Well you nailed it right on the head, as for the base install of Ubuntu 
6.06 doesn't have any compiling tools...This I didn't know, so at this 
time I am trying too install any compiling tools needed, not really sure 
which ones that I will need off hand, but I have checked into the 
Ubuntu's Website on compiling issues...Just maybe it can give me some 
clues as to which files that I need...

As for a list of what I now have, how can I do that...???

Thanks for the HELP!


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