[nos-bbs] Jnos 2.0e & Ubuntu version 6.06 Question

Larry Shields larry at isp.com
Mon Sep 18 04:39:33 EDT 2006

Larry Shields wrote:

> Jaye Inabnit, ke6sls wrote:
>> On Saturday 16 September 2006 15:36, Larry Shields wrote:
>>> *Is there anyone that is running Jnos 2.0e & Ubuntu 6.06, if so I'd 
>>> like
>>> to know what you need to get it too compile correctly, for I end up 
>>> with
>>> an error 1 exit...
>>> Many thanks for any help on this...
>>> Larry/WD9ESU
>> Larry:
>> base install of ubuntu/kubuntu doesn't include any compiling tools.  
>> You will need to add these after the install is done--gcc, binutil 
>> etc etc.  I have to tip my hat to the vmware folks--I started the 
>> vmserver (now freely available) and began the install process, at 
>> each point it would stop and ask me where such as such was (or let me 
>> point it out) and I simply kept adept running and added all the 
>> needed tools--before long, it cruched a new set of modules for my 
>> kernel and ran like a top.
>> Anyway, perhaps you can list what you have now and determin what is 
>> missing.
>> hth om.  73
>> Jaye, ke6sls
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> *Hello Jaye,
> Long time no hear from, hope all is well with you...
> Well you nailed it right on the head, as for the base install of 
> Ubuntu 6.06 doesn't have any compiling tools...This I didn't know, so 
> at this time I am trying too install any compiling tools needed, not 
> really sure which ones that I will need off hand, but I have checked 
> into the Ubuntu's Website on compiling issues...Just maybe it can give 
> me some clues as to which files that I need...
> As for a list of what I now have, how can I do that...???
> Thanks for the HELP!
> Larry
> *
Hello again Jaye,

Here is list of what I now have on my system:

g++ 3.4
make 3.80
makedepend 1.1.0
binutils 2.16

Might there be some others that I am missing here...??

Thanks to everyone who has replied...


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