[nos-bbs] Compiling Jnos 2e...???

Larry Shields larry at isp.com
Fri Sep 15 05:07:50 EDT 2006

K8RRA (Skip) wrote:

> You should be "good to go" Larry.
> jnos2.0e is the most stable version yet(?) with good reports.
> UBUNTU 6.06 is released with glibc 2.3 and that avoids the problem 
> Maiko just posted his thoughts on in the past hours.
> If you have a history of compiling jnos before your move the compile 
> procedure for 2.0e can not be surprise to you...
> Beware of glibc 2.4 however when it is offered as an update, you might 
> want to say "no" until Maiko releases a compatible version.
> On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 13:32 -0500, larry wrote:
>>*Hello everyone,
>>It has been sometime since I have had my JNOS BBS up and running...Since 
>>the time I had to shut down, move etc, I have not been keeping up with 
>>any of the newest versions and would like to know how to compile Jnos 
>>2.e, plus what is needed to get it compiled...I am running Debian by 
>>Ubuntu 6.06...
>>Any help on the matter would be appreciated...
>>Thanks Larry
> Best of luck.
> 73
> de George (Skip) VerDuin K8RRA k
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Hi Skip,

Thanks for the info, I will check on which version of glibc I now have 
on my system...
I have compiled many versions of Jnos in the past, but not since Maiko 
has taken over with his many updates to this program...

Thanks for the reply....Have a nice day...


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