[nos-bbs] Tweaks to build simplifed setup JNOS

George (Skip) VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Tue Sep 5 20:46:59 EDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 15:53 -0500, wa7nwp at jnos.org wrote:

> I'm building an easy to install JNOS "virtual" packet machine for
> XP aimed at the local Washington Digital EmCom group.
> First step was to move all the config files into one place - %NOS%/etc.
> Hunting  between the root and spool directories was never ideal and
> I'm already liking  the setup better now.
> I think it makes sense to add .txt or .nos extensions to the name to
> make them easier to edit in the windows environments, which is the
> primary target for this package.  It's not the Unix way but it
> doesn't hurt anything there either.
> Comments in general on the move of files and renaming?

In general - I do prefer the idea of moving configuration into .../etc
directory - I prefer the file structure more like unix and like material
filed together.
I also prefer to create that structure at initialization time until (if
ever) the distribution comes with the new structure.  The sysop gains
day-by-day if his work is not fragmented from the approach he likes.

In general - I don't favor the idea of renaming any of the configuration
That is not to say I like the naming convention invented many years ago
- I prefer to not remember two (or more) names for the same function.
It's a Pandora's Box type issue just from my perspective.  Unless you
update all documentation and code comments?

Both issues are based on "work to maintain up-to-date installs".  I
favor avoiding errors by making fewer changes at the time of upgrade.
Any file that does not change from rev-to-rev is a good file...  That
includes .c and .h files too.  The author has the responsibility for
distributions, changing distribution files is like cutting the grass -
the job is never "done".

> Some config files will have to be customized by the end user.  I think
> I'll release  those with something like ".ex" on the file name.  Users
> will rename by removing  the ".ex" after editing.  Other files can
> be used without editing.  Maybe naming them  as ".std" will work so
> all the user has to do is rename them.  The initial install is easy,
> it's the updates when we don't want to overwrite changes that gets
> tricky.
> I'll probably completely ifdef out the nos.cfg file to save space.

Hmmm - optimization of resource by human labor expense.  The on-going
saga of computer life.  If you have the time...
It sounds like Maiko is looking ahead to PERHAPS porting into a WIN
platform where this type of optimization is meaningless?

Please don't interpret my opinion as critical to your efforts - your
priorities solve best with your choice of actions / not mine.
My holy grail is to do the job once and be done with it.

> I hope to have the first release on a CD-Rom with all the Airmail
> and Winlink2000 software for our regional APRS Summer Gathering this
> weekend:  http://nwaprs.info/sg.htm
> Bill - WA7NWP
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